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As I start to work more and more with brands and companies on this blog I want to make my “rules” and standards for partnerships clear.  This is still my London lifestyle blog that was created to keep in touch with my friends and family around the world, but as I do more and more here in London, more and more opportunities are being offered to me.  Here are my guidelines for working with brands and companies:

  1. I will declare if I have received anything (product, cash (I wish – never going to happen) or any sort of sponsorship) from a company in return for writing a blog post.  
  2. I will only enter into partnerships with companies or brands that I like and trust their products. I know that’s a bit subjective, but for example when it comes to sportswear I buy Nike products so am happy to work with them to promote their events and sportswear.  A lot of brands I am currently working with I have already purchased their clothing or services and that’s how I the engagement started.
  3. I will educate myself about blogging and sponsorship. I have spoken with a lot of other bloggers about fair reimbursement and not taking opportunities away from bloggers who make their living writing.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of shady people out there who chose quantity over quality and I don’t want to be one of them. I have also registered to attend the Write This Run conference next week where I’ll be learning more about fair and standard practices in the blogging world.
  4. I will stick to my original strategy of experience over stuff. Since moving to London I have sought out experiences and friends.  Blogging and tweeting has brought me some of the coolest and most interesting experiences and friends I could ever have and that is what I want to continue.  13 pairs of running shoes is fine, but I’d rather have 13 stories to tell to 13 interesting people.

So, in the end this isn’t turning into a blog filled with advertising and sponsorships, or a brand of it’s own. Seems that a pie-loving-london-running-blogger isn’t the next big thing quite yet. 


1 thought on “brand partnerships

  1. Rozi

    Hi Laura, I find your blog interesting as you have made it very personal and reflects well on who you are and what you like. I’d like you to have a look at my Blog if you don’t mind, it is all about London and living in this beautiful city. Let me know what you think – I would be really interested to find out. Please go to Many thanks and the very best of luck.


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