tall girl shopping

Being a short tall girl (5’11”) I usually get away with shopping at normal stores in the normal section.   Then I discovered the tall ranges. Currently my favourite is New Look (don’t laugh – it’s seriously cheap and if you avoid the section where aztec has thrown up on everything there are some classic pieces)

all of these pieces are under £12.99. Steal.

all of these pieces are under £12.99 on http://www.newlook.com

When you buy tall stuff it’s like instantly losing a size. Everything fits where it’s supposed to (I’m looking at you waists) and is long enough. I know what you’re saying, but all the models are usually at least 5’11” and everything fits them fine. Nope. The stylists on the photo shoots will go a size up and then pin it in the back to make it fit their teeny little bodies. So, us tall girls face the same #itdoesntfit as everyone else.

Topshop also has a stunning tall range, although they classify anyone over 5’7″ as tall – which makes the pieces not fit as well.  I have their tall high waisted leggings and wear them ALL the time as they’re thick and long enough to wear ankle boots or flats with.

I’ve browsed Long Tall Sally and it’s all a bit mum for me, except this perfect shirt for spring. Purchase.



2 thoughts on “tall girl shopping

  1. Annie

    That’s so true about tall vs. regular sizes in the waist!! I think we were done a great disservice by coming of age during the “ultra low rise pants” fad 😉


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