protein powder for non-protein powder people

After one to many mornings waking up with severe DOMS I figured it was time to invest in some protein powder to help in my recovery after long runs and bootcamps.  I always stretch and usually work a bit on my foam roller after hard sessions, but due to the poor plumbing in our flat (and my straight up fear) I can’t take ice baths. Darn it.

Protein scares me. Who hasn’t walked by a nutrition store and seen the posters of Mr. Big Muscle touting the latest and greatest whey powder. I never really understood why the French language applied masculine and feminine attributes to words until I saw those tubs of protein power. Le protein powder for sure.

Most of us can get enough post-workout protein from a glass of chocolate milk, eggs, or the standard chicken, beef or fish meal. Adding protein powder to your diet usually isn’t necessary at all, but sometimes people find it easier to drink a shake or smoothie rather than eat post workout. That’s where having some protein powder on hand can come in handy.

I did some we research (aka asked my very smart twitter friends) and saw some good reviews and deals for Maxitone. Yes, their products are all pink and their marketing focuses heavily on diet and slimming (not what I was looking for) but when I enquired about my needs and what products would work, their customer service was very knowledgeable and helpfully suggested the Definity Protein Plus Toning System.  Off to Holland & Barrett I went and grabbed a tub… along with a few packs of their amazing chocolate/yogurt covered banana chips. YUM I can never walk by these, they’re SO GOOD.


I’ve been using the Protein Plus for 2 months now after long runs or bootcamps, and in the occasional morning smoothies. I haven’t brought myself to buy one of those protein shaker cups yet, so I just mix mine up in the blender or with really vigorous whisk (which is really not the best option, I do not recommend it!).  So far I feel it’s a great addition to my normally protein-lacking meals (fact: I love carbs) and I can definitely say I’ll buy another tub when this one runs out. My legs  feel much stronger, and skinny jeans much tighter, now that I’ve upped my protein intake – which is a good thing and has helped me stay strong on the longer runs.  

I know there is tons of advice out there on specific grams and percentages of what you should be eating and when to optimize your performance, but as far as sports nutrition for an average girl who likes to run more the average girl goes I think this is an easy add to an otherwise normal diet that yields pretty good results.  


My post-running treat smoothie

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 scoop of whatever yogurt you have (today Vanilla!)
  • a splash of OJ
  • 2 heaping teaspoons of ground flax seed
  • 1 chia shot package (about a teaspoon)
  • 1 scoop of peanut butter
  • 1 scoop of Maxitone Definity (I have the discontinued chocolate but will try the chocolate toffee next for sure!)

Maxitone did not offer me anything to write this post nor did I receive anything free in return for writing it. I just wanted to put it out there that there is a protein powder out there that will work and not turn you into the incredible hulk.


8 thoughts on “protein powder for non-protein powder people

  1. Lenka Istvanova

    I was thinking of buying Maxitone but I’ve chosen Diet Whey from PhD and it’s awesome. I’ve tried 3 or 4 different protein powders but this one is really tasty and do the job.

      1. Lenka Istvanova

        After checking the nutrition info and price Phd wins over Maxitone. More protein per 100g and the price of 1kg Phd is between £20 and £30 (depends where you buy it – I have GNC gold card so I always get 2 for 1). And the taste is awesome – comes in 4 flavors 🙂

  2. Leah

    This was super interesting. I used to ‘borrow’ some of the bf’s protein powder when I was lifting weights a lot, and very occasionally would have some after my long runs when training for a half marathon – but it’s not something I would have regularly enough to buy myself. Just knowing that there is an offering specifically for women makes me think twice about that though!

    I do wonder how protein powders fit within my whole30/ close to whole 30 diet – I’d have to double check the ingredients to see if they are compliant or not.

    1. lauraestewart Post author

      I’ve been really happy with it and think it’s worth the £20 or so investment every few months. I’m sure there are better ways to get Whole 30 protein than powder, but for those lazy days… 😉

    1. Lenka Istvanova

      Some of them taste really horrible!! The Phd Diet Whey as you have 4 flavors to chose from (Belgian Chocolate is the best 🙂 mix it with fruits and porridge and you will be deffo full for a good 2 hours.
      PS: I’m not paid by Phd or anything like that. I just like it so much – after trying a couple of brands.

  3. bibiveggierunners

    Looove reading a post that says “My jeans are tighter – awesome!” That’s the way it should be. Strong is the new skinny.

    We’re coming to Write This Run too – can’t wait.


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