dall artista (aka Italy in London)

I’m not ashamed to admit that Alex and I have a Tastecard. 50% off our bill at most restaurants is a welcome addition to our wallets.

Most of the time we use it at the chain restaurants when we need a quick meal before a show (Pizza Express, I’m looking at you). Once in a while though we take a look around at what’s offered.

Last night we found a gem. It’s the most authentic Italian restaurant outside of Italy I can guarantee you. Not in the yellow walls and pictures of Tuscany on the walls authentic kind of way, but in a tiled floor, crammed tables, handwritten bills, and Italian football always playing on the big TV. It’s the place we ate at every night while in the small Tuscan town of Castel del Piano last Christmas.

When you walk in there’s a table of cakes right at the door. Point.

Then an old Italian man yells CIAO and points at a table. Point.

Then he comes over and talks to you in Italian knowing full well you speak 3-4 words of the langauge. Point.

The house wine comes in mezzo carafes. Point.

The menu is simple. Pizzas, Pastas, Meats. Desserts. Point. Point. Point.

Everyone else in the restaurant seems to know each other. There was a little bambino passed around almost every table throughout our meal.

Then the food comes. It’s value for money in every way. The pizzas are huge and delicious with quality cheese and sauces. Simple is always the most delicious.

Alex ordered the calzone that was bigger than a newborn child, but luckily had enough room to share a perfect chocolate cake for dessert.

So if you’re around Earls Court you must must must go to Dall Artista, call ahead if you’re using your Tastecard, but even if you forget it it’s still such a good delicious deal.

This is THE chocolate cake you guys. It's heaven.

This is THE chocolate cake you guys. It’s heaven.

This post is 100% not sponsored or promoted or anything. I just want everyone to experience delicious Italian food in London.


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