summer picnics

mandatory, even if you’re at work. 

What’s the perfect drink for a summer picnic? Probably the Lime Strawberry Basil Daquiris I found on Pinterest. As always I was cautious that it would be another Pinterest-in-Real-Life fiasco, but it actually turned out perfect and was a huge hit at Emma’s Birthday picnic.

I made a few edits:

  • The recipe called for Tequilla. Thinking that’s a bit strong for a lunchtime picnic (even for the Brits) I substituted white rum. The cheap stuff.
  • You cannot get frozen juice concentrate here in the UK. Don’t even ask for it, they’ll think you are crazy. Instead squash serves as a perfect substitute. I used Tescos Lime squash (bonus only 89p) and followed the 9:1 diluting instructions (well technically 8 water + 1 rum : 1 squash)
  • Instead of fancy glasswear I used the good ol’ rubbermaid do-everything jug. It did leak a bit, and yes I smelled of rum all morning – not typical, but it’s just so easy to pour it all in there and then forget about it overnight

photo credit: Emma Joseph


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