Tuesday nights in London aren’t usually this glamorous, but thanks to a @LOVEFiLM twitter contest I won 2 tickets to see the premier of British rom-com First Night.  So down to Canary Warf I went Shira.

The movie was great, and by the end you were completely involved in the romantic lives of Opera singers.  


The after-party was better.  Held at a Whiskey/Cigar bar we were greeted with custom cocktails, beers, and wine and basically forced to eat the 20 courses of gourmet canapes that kept being served to us.  My personal favourite was the bacon wrapped pork bites, or was it the prosciutto wrapped baby asparagus? No, it was for sure the smoked salmon pesto crackers. 

To get away from the constant parade of canapes, we went downstairs to find an almost empty Raw Fish bar.  So it was a quick switch to champagne and the oysters started rolling in.  Raw, rockefeller, you name it we ate (20 of) it.  

Being a Tuesday night, and having to find our way back into London from Canary Warf, we had to leave much to early.  But could not have had a better experience at my first London movie premier!


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