working for the weeeeekend


Sorry to @heatherISshort for the lack of blogging – but apparently there isn’t much time to sit around and blog when you actually start working.


I’ve been through a bit of training to work at a a local bakery in Islington – my cappuccino making skills are getting better and I now know the bread of the day on Fridays is Challa.  I mentioned on the Canadian Expats in the UK website that I think it’s important to take any/all opportunities that come your way when you are trying to build up a career in a new country.  I recently read about a girl working in PR for Joe Fresh, who came about her job while working in a coffee shop, chatting with everyone and always carrying her resume in her back pocket!

Yes, it’s a small step but another small step occurred when a recruitment agency called to register me!  Recruiters are a necessary evil here in London and no one actually knows specifically how to get their attention and even once you do get in to an agency it’s a mystery as to how they match jobs to people.  I could say so many things about the agencies, but I still need fulltime work and don’t want to get on anyone’s bad side!

Once I registered with the agency they all but promised me a 2 month position that was perfect.  Of course that fell through and when I hadn’t heard from my recruiter in 48 hours, I called her.  Good thing I did too as she apologized for not getting back to me (caught red handed!) but then offered me a short term, low paying position for the rest of the week. Moral of the story: ???? I don’t know but of course I took the job because any pounds are good pounds. 

I’ve been working at the London School of Economics and Political Science all week and short of walking right into the lectures, I’ve been doing my best to live my lifelong dream of actually going there. They’re paying me to stuff envelopes and do some quality control for their teaching quality assessments – which to most people sounds awful, but I am loving it. I think it’s the project management/qualitative research geek in me, but getting to help to organize a large and complex project that actually produces results that are used – EEEEEKKKK!!!!  They also seem to like the nerd in me and asked to extend my contract for another few days! (And they didn’t ask the other temp back – which is good news in the cutthroat temp world.)

Look out legitimate LSE students – I might even wear glasses to fit that much more….


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