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coffee point

When I saw that @eightpointnine was offering a new service in London to create and deliver a coffee just to your taste right to your door I signed up right away.

The coolest part is you get to name your blend – I chose Coffee Point Mornings to remind me of some of my favourite mornings of my life enjoying a coffee with friends before whatever adventure I was about to embark on.  

Thanks Eightpointnine for the awesome idea (and @gogogojulia for sharing so many coffee point mornings!)

FYI This isn’t sponsored at all. No freebes or anything. A friend of a friend mentioned they did this and I thought I’d give it a try.

silent blogger

I haven’t posted much lately as there has been too much life.laura.london going on in real life to find time to blog about it. 

Last weekend we took advantage of the 4 days off work and headed to Bruges on the Eurostar (best way to travel in Europe hands down). Where we ate, ate, biked, and then ate some more. 

Great trip. 


Everyone needs to go to the Algarve region of Portugal in the off season.  I am pretty sure I would hate it during the peak summer months when every Western European is there in overpriced villas complaining that their private hire van will not accept Amex. 

That said, in November, it’s heaven. A £30 return ticket on EasyJet and we stayed in a boutique hotel for less than 70% of the normal price and had a massive suite that rivaled any apartment I’ve ever lived in. It opened onto the pool terrace and included a massive breakfast buffet on the rooftop.

Days in the Algarve were spent exploring the coast, enjoying Sagres’ on the beach of Sagres, watching Alex surf, and meeting new friends!

It’s the perfect quick getaway when you need less London cold fog and more warm sun.