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I do a lot of great things with Nike Training Club and Nike Running here in the UK. They’ve asked me to set some goals with the other ladies in the Nike Community as a part of their #makeitcount campaign.

I’ve got loads of goals for 2013, but in the interest of keeping it Nike+ based we’ve set out to achieve 1,000,000 fuel points in 2013. 

So it will be more NTC Live classes…

And more yoga classes…

And more Running Clubs…

And especially more races with good friends and husbands…

I really do believe in a lot of what Nike has been promoting to get everyone (especially women) out and more active in easy and fun events. I don’t work for Nike nor have I been asked to promote anything in return for freebies or cash.

leap year #makeitcount

A leap year means a few things:

  • We have to wait an extra day to get our February pay cheque
  • There is a weird tradition of women proposing to men in England
  • An extra day to do whatever you want

Tessa & I were lucky enough to get a spot in the coveted Nike Training Club Live London Eye Bootcamp class. Nike+ took over the iconic Eye and about 200 women were put in the 38 capsules for a 30 minute bootcamp exercise class. 

The whole experience was amazing – being a major Nike+ event we were first fitted in new Nike tshirts and got to meet our awesome instructor. Then we were escorted to a massive courtyard at County Hall on Southbank and got to have drinks while we warmed up – some chose to actually warm up with exercises, others huddled around the heat lamps!

Then we were off to the eye! Our instructor had some great music coming out of her iPod dock and we got right into things with some fast high knees and running squats (ow).  

It was pretty surreal exercising in a pod 135 metres above Big Ben and a few reps of each exercise maybe have been skipped to take photos of it all. But I am still sore 2 days later – so we must have done something right!

After the eye we went back to County Hall and had delicious grilled chicken burgers and some drinks (beer is a recovery drink right?) and got to mingle with all the other atheletes who took part in the various #makeitcount events around London. 

Pictures courtesy of Nike Training Club UK Facebook page, @natalierking, Tessa Bruyns.

edit p.s. Just in case you think all workouts in London are this cool – here’s a picture of the NTC bootcamp I attended this morning at Victoria Park. It was pouring rain and we were doing lunges and squats in thick mud with no chicken burgers.