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my #kony2012 opinion

This a very well made, passionate movie and increasing awareness is never negative.  The KONY 2012 video was one of the saddest things I have seen on the internet in a long time, but not for the reasons you think.

I am sad that it was such a viral hit.  I am sad so many people are outraged at Joseph Kony. I am sad at us, the entire audience.  It is 2012. Waiting for a video like this to come along so you now know about what is going on in places like Liberia is not an excuse any more.  It is your job to know. It is your job to be informed and not be shocked by the atrocities being committed in our world today. Get informed and get aware. It’s not easy and it’s not just about sharing a video, it’s educating yourself, engaging in debates, listening to others and getting involved.

That being said, watching the video is a great place to start, so use it as momentum to continue to be informed about the reality of the world outside your small bubble.