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The perfect Sunday pre-run meal.

this is why I am festive (fat)

The Christmas Bake off at Work

A night of baking a gingerbread army

Christmas carvery lunch with our Department (there IS ham under this pile)

Pre Office Party lunch at Fuzzy’s. Yes, that is a whole roast dinner (see above) in a Bap. It weighted at least 7lbs.

A Sunday feast with friends and family in Milton Keynes

Then yesterday to top it all off a few of us went to @MEATLiquor which, if you don’t know about it, get to know it. Fast. Three words: Deep Fried Pickles!

Now it’s off to Italy to… well eat some more! ‘Tis the season…


On their way home from a Croatian Honeymoon the #Grifberts came to visit Alex and me and stay in the newly renovated ‘Honeymoon Suite!’ (aka we bought an airmattress).

We spent a lot of the time enjoying the fine pubs of Camden and Islington and even had a night of excessive curry on Brick Lane. But the last night was too much fun as Chris and Keeley took us out for our favourite Fish & Chips at The Beach Hut just down the street from our flat.  

The owners, Miranda and Allen, provide everything you could ask for at your local Chippy. DELICIOUS FRESH FISH and the most delicious chips that soak up the malt vinegar perfectly. 

It’s also BYO, so a £bottle of South African Savignon Blanc complements the mushy peas perfectly.

Most importantly I got some quality catch-up time with my (now very blonde) favourite recent bride!