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Wedding Post – feel free to skip if you’re wedding’d out!

All brides-to-be are allowed to be at least a little crazy.  It’s a known fact and the way people act around the recently engaged clearly attempts to minimize their interaction with the crazy (“So when’s the wedding?” “Oh, late Sept-” “Oops! Gotta run! Phone is ringing!”).

Lots of brides go crazy about their bodies and try to look picture perfect on their big day.  Other brides go crazy about having the perfect blog-chic details in their wedding. Most brides just go crazy with having to plan a party for their closest friends and family while all the time being told, “Just enjoy it! Do whatever you want!” (ummm do you really mean that?)

So, suffice to say 5 months into this wedding planning process I’ve accepted my amount of crazy and am willing to share with you just how crazy I’ve become.

Ordering everything online

I’m lucky enough to have an workplace with the most amazing post room staff who do not seem to flinch when I have at least 3-4 packages delivered per week.  Tissue paper from China, floral tape from Birmingham, shoes from Tescos (sent back as soon as I opened them) and even The Wedding Dress was delivered straight to my desk. I know I get the side-eyes from most of the staff in my office about the amount of deliveries, but it truly is the cheapest most effective way to plan a wedding!

Skin care

I’ve never had great skin, but somehow, having a wedding in the future made me suddenly pay attention to every pore on my face.  Brides have good skin. It’s a fact. Most of it is caused by the magical “Bridal Glow” that all brides wake up to on their wedding day, and some creative lighting but some good prep can really improve that magic.

First, I bought a Clarisonic.  At £120 it isn’t cheap for a brush that pulses around your face for 4 minutes a day. BUT IT WORKS. I can’t say this enough. Most of the beauty editors of websites and magazines will tell you the same thing, but most of them got theirs for free and are in the business of plugging cosmetics. I am just a normal person who spent weeks fretting over spending £120 on this and thinking how far that money could go at Primark…. But you guys! I noticed a difference in the first few days. .  I am crazy and look forward my morning/evening facewash now. 

Second, I bought Apple Cider Vinegar (Cider Vinegar here in the UK).  A quick google will tell you all the health benefits of ingesting a couple tablespoons (diluted with water!) a day. At £1.20 a bottle at Waitrose I was keen to try it out and balance out the previous £120 spent.  I have 1 tbs diluted in a 500ml waterbottle with breakfast and then again with/around dinner – I usually end up chugging it back all at once as it’s not the most enjoyable of tastes. I get it. Drinking vinegar twice a day is crazy. Don’t bother giving me those disapproving looks.

Bingo wings

Luckily my dress has sleeves, but they’re lace, so there’s a chance a bingo wing could slip between the threads and *gasp* make an appearance while I throw my hands up in the air sometimes singing ehhhh-ohhh (Taio Cruz will play a big part at our wedding). So, like most brides I’ve gone and kept going to a bootcamp (NTC Live like I mentioned many times before) and Barrecore classes.  Similar to the Bar Method in North America it’s the workout of the moment taking dance/pilates/strength training into an intense 1 hour sweat-a-thon. Most brides-to-be don’t flinch at the crazyness of dropping £180/month for unlimited classes (or £28 per class!), but in this case I think I’m less crazy than most and arranged for my employer to pay for it under their external learning for employees scheme. 

I’m actually enjoying the increase in physical activity the upcoming wedding has scared me into and will likely keep it up (sans the 6am barrecore classes…ugh).

I *think* that’s all of my crazy (….good thing Alex doesn’t blog!) but let me know if you notice any extra crazy coming out of me in the next month. 

Oh ya, one more crazy. I am not eating McDonalds until the wedding. So crazy!