running in Seville

On a non-running holiday in Seville a few weeks ago I made some time to go for a run and thought I’d share the route since it was so lovely.


Seville in October is amazing. The highs during the day were around 32*C but that was only from about 12pm – 5pm. Perfect siesta (or drink beer in the shade) time. The mornings were actually quite cool and perfect for running.


Like any good holiday I made sure to eat all the food and drink all the beers. The night before my run we actually had 2 dinners, one early jamon, queso, and wine course with Alex’s parents before heading off to another restaurant for their paella special.



… and round 2

this was just the starter

this was just the starter


paella and sangria for ever

A few more beers and bowls of olives and our stomachs finally called it a night.

Word on the internet was that the river had a great path to run on so I plotted out a 7ish mile out/back route and then left the rest up to the fate of running in a new city. I woke up just before sunrise and was out the door as soon as it was light enough to run


There were lots of people out on the river path and lots of other runners too. The first guy to run past me even said ‘Hola!’ which surprised me so much I think I said something like ‘moula’ back to him.


The path on the east side of the river was completely in the shade until about 9:30/10am, making it perfect to run along, I’d still suggest bringing sunglasses as you’ll need them for the other streets.



I ran towards this big bridge, apparently built with the instructions to not even think about cost, just build something striking and beautiful. OK, then.


The bridge was actually pretty cool with a raised pedestrian walkway so I ran out and back over it just because.


There are loads of stairs leading down to the river so I couldn’t help staging a selfie stair rep session.

inevitable selfie outtake)

(inevitable selfie outtake)

Running along the river was just really nice. Nothing spectacular just a really nice and calm place to run without having to worry about anything else.


I think I ran under 4 bridges along the river.


And of course got the selfie button out again for another staged “oh look at my casual running along this beautiful scenic pathway” shot.


Fact, doing a few strides to get a good photo like this is actually good training. Adding a few bursts of strides to your runs encourages strong running and good form.



At Puente de los Remedios I left the river and ran Parque de Maria Luisa towards Plaza de Espana knowing it would be pretty empty this early and cool to see without the crowds.


One more selfie stride session at Plaza de Espanafor good measure…


And a quick text back to Alex to see if he was up and ready to meet for breakfast yet (most important).


From the Plaza de Espana I followed the tram tracks back to the Cathedral where I knew there were some good cafes.


Suitably sweaty and red faced I settled into a cafe called Genova for my post-run breakfast of champions, the €2.85 jamon tostada & café con leche



The rest of the day was spent exploring the Metropol Paraso, keeping cool with iced coffees and eating more of everything.







Not enough carbs yet? Here’s a sneaky bun!

Running in Seville was amazing and highly recommended for a great holiday run.


1 thought on “running in Seville

  1. adarling575

    Reading this has really reminded me of when I lived in Madrid and used to go running by the river there and through the centre of town. Very nostalgic now! I love Spain


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