running, yoga, and cycling with the mooncup

I’ve been using the mooncup while running, cycling and doing yoga for a few months now. It feels absolutely normal and I notice it even less than a tampon.

I am also writing this blog purely for SEO purposes. I don’t think there is enough information out there for women who have questions about menstruation, sport and exercise.  My anecdotal blog here will not change that, but I hope it comes up in a few searches and adds to the normal discourse of menstruation.

I use the mooncup because I hate the word Diva and avoid pink branding at all costs, but both products are essentially the same. You will inevitably come across the best amazon review of all time when googling around, and take it for what it’s worth. There are some truths in her story (I think everyone has at least one blood flinging experience) and remember it’s fine to laugh at the experience, as awkward as it can be sometimes.

My friend gave me the best advice about the mooncup. It will take around 3-4 cycles to get used to it, and once you do you will not even think twice about inserting it or taking it out. This is so true. The first time was a 100% learning experience like a baby trying to walk. Nothing felt right and I wasn’t sure I’d continue using it. The second time was a bit easier, and now it’s honest to god easier than using any other tampon or pad product.

Running while using the mooncup is the best thing ever. It doesn’t move around as much as a tampon does and there is no string. As someone who had string chafe during her first ultra marathon, I am very happy to never experience this again. Having to only empty it every 12ish hours too makes long distance running much easier to do and plan. I haven’t had to yet, nor do I see a reason too, but if you have to remove it mid run just rinsing it with some water and reinserting it will be easy and safe to do.

Yoga is the same. All the moving and twisting and going upside down, the cup doesn’t move and there is absolutely no leakage of blood or air. It’s even better than a tampon, I can’t explain how “nothing” it feels like. It’s weird to recommend a product because you will forget it’s there, but that’s the truth.

Cycling is also 100% comfortable, again more so than any tampon or pad. I cycle to work each day and it just doesn’t even cross my mind. The moon cup is just not there.

So, if you are looking for a reason to try it out, this is it. Try it! It’s £21.99 at Boots or you can use your Boots points and thus sneak around paying the luxury tax of women’s sanitation items.



5 thoughts on “running, yoga, and cycling with the mooncup

  1. Claire pepper

    I’ve used the mooncup for years and totally agree – running, cycling, swimming, yoga it’s totally great for and I don’t even notice it’s there. Sadly lots of women seem to find the idea of it totally disgusting and are really put off by the idea you have to get a little bit more up close and personal with your period that you do with a tampon or pad. I think there’s still a lingering idea that periods and therefore women’s bodies whilst menstruating are dirty and it’s better not even to really see what’s going on down there and handle it all at a sanitised arms length. (Obviously you wash your hands before and after changing it so it’s really not less hygienic in any way…) Personally I think using the mooncup has helped me feel a bit more in touch with my body whilst on my period but lots of women are a bit grossed out by that idea. There have been a few social situations where I’ve not really felt comfortable speaking up to say actually the mooncup is great because the general consensus seems to be it’s disgusting! It’s a personal thing but I think it would be great if more girls felt like it was an option for them – it’s much better for the environment as well! Xx

    1. lauraestewart Post author

      Yes Claire! Exactly. I agree that being more engaged with your body is so beneficial. Colour, amount, thickness, etc. of your blood can be really helpful in just knowing your body and any changes that are happening. I agree with the hygiene too, it really isn’t any different from any other function in the bathroom so just keep being clean! It’s weird how you either have to be silent or evangelical about the mooncup which I think is one reason I stayed away for so long, I didn’t want to become a “crazy mooncup pusher” on everyone. But you can just be “normal” and use it because it works and not have any radical opinions on it!

  2. Scallywag

    Interestign read! I’ve been thinking about getting one and this may have pushed me over the edge! Did you wear pads too for the first wee while? Feel I would out of nerves!


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