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I obviously enjoy running and going on adventures, but I am also a major armchair adventurer. I love reading about other people’s adventures and sometimes take this too far and start to believe it is possible to become an international mountain bike champion… if I could just get out from under this heated blanket.

Here are my recent reads that I’ve loved and can fully recommend for anyone looking for some paper inspiration.


Yoga mat, books, work clothes and slippers. Multitasking pre-work like a hero!

Rusch to Glory – Rebecca Rusch

I saw this recommended on Caitlin’s blog or twitter and grabbed it off Amazon. One of the most surprisingly awesome books I have read in a long time. Rebecca has done A LOT in her life and the book reads like one giant adventure spanning many sports, continents, and decades. No disrespect to Rebecca but she wasn’t someone who was great at sports from an early age and “in the system” of traditional sports.  She is someone who has worked hard to get to where she is in some seriously cool sports and the businesses behind them. I’m partway through my second reading of it it’s so good.

Misadventures Magazine

I think I found Misadventures website when googling around for women specific sport writing (got to love google search language) and fell into a misadventures article hole that at it’s peak had about 35 tabs open in my browser. Their first paper magazine has launched and it’s dirt cheap for a subscription and a beautiful magazine to sit down and read really interesting and diverse articles.

A Long Time Coming – Jacqueline Hansen

A self published book by one of the pioneers of women’s distance running it’s a must read for anyone interested in the (short) history of women’s marathon running. I personally think it could have used a bit more editing, but the stories and passions are still there and Jacqueline’s voice is an important one.

What Goes Around, A London Cycle Couriers Story – Emily Chappell

First, this book has improved my cycling around London by 100%. I have learned no less than 3 shortcuts through the city thanks to Emily. Second, it is a great book. it is so well written and flows with very interesting stories told about London, Emily, and cycle couriers. There are so many bits of this book I found myself nodding along with. Defo a must read.

The Silence of Great Distance Women Running Long – Frank Murphy

This book took me a while. It’s long and dense, but a very good read so worth the time. There are a lot of difficult stories about the women who ran long distances before it was accepted as normal (this is an insane sentence to even type!)  and this book lays them all out. It’s a classic in anyone’s running library.

Those are my favs! Such good books I’ve read through them too fast and I am actually book-less  until my pre-order of Kicking Off How Women in Sport are Changing the Game arrives. So excited.


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