Aldi Cycling Kit (sort of) review

I’ve said it a few times in this blog, but Aldi makes some good, cheap sports kit.  Their winter cycling special buys are in store right now:


Photo by Ordinary Cycling Girl

They sent me some samples of their most recent cycle special buys to try out on my cycle commutes. Unfortunately, that afternoon I was knocked off my bike by an idiot who walked out into the road while looking at his phone. I went flying off my bike and while not too scary in terms of major accident potential, it still shook me up a lot more than the small bruises would indicate.

A very nice police van stopped to make sure I was OK, and offered to arrest the guy for stupidity. He didn’t end up in jail but I think he will have nightmares of me screaming at him about how dangerous and dumb that was for a few weeks (at least I hope so). I haven’t been on my bike since. A few days of sensibly staying away from it to calm down and then the torrential rain put me off for a few more. Now I’m into the taper period for my ultra and the last thing I want is a cyclin injury so I probably won’t get on it unil mid-October again.

Winter cycling essentials. Wish they came in a few more colours though

Winter cycling essentials. Wish they came in a few more colours though

I understand this is a really weird way to start a kit review, admitting I haven’t worn the stuff. But two “wear everyday” pieces of my cycle kit are already Aldi and I can’t recommend them enough. I’m sure the new line is just as good if you are looking for cheap entry level stuff to wear commuting or while you learn to ride (and save up for the nice Vulpine & Rapha pieces).I’ll be wearing the winter leggings & bright winter shirt for sure.

The £4.99 set of lights (batteries included mich appreciated) are perfect for my 3 mile commute during the winter, I’ve already mounted them ready to go. I am also curious about the over trousers. Basically raincovers it technically means I could wear my normal work clothes with those over. I’ll report back.

So, take this recommendation as you will but if you’re around an Aldi and thinking about cycling… Grab some kit with your cheap vegetables!

Aldi cycling special buys are available in store now until supplies last.  I was given some samples of the kit to try out (eventually I will!) In exchange for a review.


2 thoughts on “Aldi Cycling Kit (sort of) review

  1. adarling575

    Oh I am so sorry to hear about your accident – I am always terrified about a pedestrian stepping off the pavement without looking as they do it so often! I had my own little accident recently, I didn’t even go flying off my bike but was injured a bit and completely understand the feeling of not being too keen to get back on immediately even though the accident itself wasn’t too scary! Best of luck with tapering for the ultra and I am looking forward to hearing how waterproof the over trousers are.


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