[sponsored] Superdrug’s definition of health

A PR I had worked with before emailed me about a new campaign she was working on. Superdrug wanted to send me a basket of their health products to review. After seeing my blog she thought I’d be a perfect fit for the campaign.

I said yes, healthy items from a store I usually shop at sounded fine. I let her know my guidelines (post will clearly say sponsored and that all products were sent for review), address and that was that.

The next day a box arrived at my desk and included these items:

Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 9.59.00 AM

(photo via Lunges and Lycra as I didn’t take a good picture of the products!)

And a few of these Lighter Life 5:2 fasting products


Everyone has their own version of health. What works for some doesn’t for others. That said I do not think that the word diet should be anywhere near the word health when it comes to marketing and sales. Like the recent Protein World beach body advert uproar (that my friend Kat so eloquently summarized) companies need to start realizing that women want a wider range of options to their health than just the standard cookie cutter diet/skinny/pretty images we are being fed.

So, here is what I would put in my High Street Drug Store Health Basket:

1. Nails Inc. nailpolish for my marathon manicures

2. NYC 24hour city mascara that I’ve worn for every marathon and even OW swims. Never budges. Recently I wore it for a day that I cycled to work, ran at lunch, swam after work, and cycled home. No black smudges at all and it’s only £3.

3. Lillets. Because even though no one talks about it but Women do have their period on race day.

4. Mint bodywash. I love it. I know I shouldn’t but I do.

5. Dove cucumber anti-persperant. I’ve used it forever and will continue to, once I accidentally bought a pink one that smelled like dusty roses left in a library for 55 years.

6. Ibuprofen. I pick up a few boxes every time I’m there for obvious reasons.

7. Superdrug Clearly Youthful day & night moisturizers with SPF 15.  I’ve been using this skincare range for a while now and enjoy it mostly because it’s affordable, but also, my skin seems happier than it has in years.

So, if Supedrug is listening, I’d like to see your definition of health change and be more flexible to meet the true healthy lifestyles that women are currently living.


8 thoughts on “[sponsored] Superdrug’s definition of health

    1. lauraestewart Post author

      No, I told the PR i’m not comfortable reviewing these products under the theme of health and if I had known what I was receiving then I’d not have accepted the offer.

      The mascara is a dream. Mostly because it’s so cheap! You just need to let it dry for a few seconds before blinking, or else risk looking like clockwork orange 😉

      The skincare range is on sale right now for half price too! I have the nightime serum (1/3 the price of anything at Kiehls!) and daytime moisturizer and love both!

  1. kathleen

    This is a brilliant list Laura. I quite fancy a try of the mascara and the moisturiser. And I am so with you on mint body wash. Pleasantly tingly. Not expecting a review on the ‘Fireman’ any time soon 😉

  2. fromsnickerstomarathon

    I still can’t get my head around a ‘fast’ where you eat. That aside it’s a bonkers box that they sent you. Love that you wrote about it anyway and slightly sad that we don’t get to hear anymore about ‘the fireman’ 😉

  3. Elle @ keep it simpElle

    I second your choices for a health box! I wouldn’t use the stuff they sent you either 🙂 …you can tell that by looking at my feet! lol

    As everyone else I said, I might have to try the mascara (when my endless stock of maybelline finishes) and the skincare range!


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