taper time tally

  1. My last long run was on Sunday and I did 6 miles with Rhalou on my favourite running route, the Parklands Walk. We ran at gossip pace and stopped every few metres for Rhalou to say hi to someone (she’s really popular around these parts). We also stopped off in the bat caves. London nature at it’s finestScreenshot_2015-04-19-22-04-42


  1. I cycled to/from work on Monday & Tuesday letting my legs spin felt good and had some good heart rates going up the hills but all in all kept it chilled and did my best not to get hit by a car. I also spent the day hauling around 36kg of bananas to give away as a part of our Staff health challenge. #bananaelevatorselfieIMG_20150417_093736IMG_20150422_082708 (1)


  1. Did a #RUNch with my office friends on Wednesday. Our regular 3 mile route that involves the Blackfriars – Westminster part of the marathon. I’ve got that in my legs and am ready for mile 25.IMG_20150225_141735


  1. I’m checking the weather every moment and am loving what I see. 14 degrees, 2mm of rain throughout the day. Yes please running weather.londonweather


  1. EXPO!!! I love race expos and think of them as the pre-party for races. If I could walk around them with a glass of white wine (instead of a thimble of beer) I would. Alex and I hit up the expo on Wednesday night.IMG_20150422_201715IMG_20150422_183952


  1. Eat everything. Being at a work-organised conference means I was running around organising everyone and everything for 2 days, but I also got to dig in to the best meals, most importantly, prepared by someone else.IMG_20150423_112122


  1. Get on the tele! I was asked through my run club to go on the One Show to promote their marathon support segment. Alex was one of the 26.2 supporters there!


(Not sure why wordpress has decided to list these all as #1 but I’m OK with that) 


3 thoughts on “taper time tally

  1. cistov

    They’re all #1 because each item has ended up as a separate list with empty paragraphs in between. Best of luck for Sunday.


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