swimathon update

Training for the 2015 Swimathon I’ve learned a few things, mainly that you can’t take pictures while swimming in pools in London. Fair enough, people aren’t there to be photographed, but it really does make blogging hard without the selfie proof!

An old photo not from yesterday!

An old photo not from yesterday!

Last night I found myself at London Fields Lido with Josie & Manda, two of my most “swimmery” friends. By  that I mean you can usually find both of them in a pool somewhere, or in Manda’s case swimming around islands and across lakes. I love running with friends so figured swimming would be the same. Plus, we had a pub trip planned after our swim so there was that to look forward too.


I have been swimming once a week during training slowly building up my distance and with 3 weeks go to, was hoping I could hit 2000m in this session with little stopping to simulate the swimathon day as best I could.  Cold, grey, and windy out we jumped in the pool as fast as we could and got going. Not the most sociable sport, we didn’t chat too much but I did find Josie in her Nemo hat on my heels a few times to check in.

Trying to think of new ways to stay interested during the laps I tried to think of my favourite things in different categories. On lap 8 = my 8 favourite cheeses (babybell made the cut). Lap 10 was my favourite fruits, and I included both grapes & raisins in the top 10.


54 minutes later I finished my 40th lap (I think, I’m so bad at counting and my GPS watch isn’t the most accurate when swimming) and we quickly ran into the warm showers to get to the pub asap. A quick walk to the Pub in the Park and in a few minutes we had beer, pulled pork, hotdog, and macaroni & cheese croquettes in front of us and we were finally content. Plus! Josie brought me a bag of my favourite Tayto chips!



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