Last week before I flew down to Nice for a racecation in Monaco, I had a quick look in the Waterstones by my office to see if there was some suitable holiday reading.  Lo-and-behold in the sports section was Tricurious written by my friends. I felt bad about grabbing the only copy but told the cashier that an urgent restock was needed.


As someone who has sat in a pub with Laura & Katie and talked about running, triathlons, races, chaffing, and snickers bars I can tell you that reading this book was just as much fun as those pub nights. It has a great structure that intertwines storytelling and facts about triathlon without too much of either putting you off.  I’m not a sporting n00b, but I took a lot of really useful information away about swimming, cycling, running, and triathlon.

When reading a book I fold over the corners of the pages of good quotes and after finishing this book I had more folded pages than not. A couple of favourites:

“Enjoy your first event and then you’ll want to do another.” – Katie describes a piece of advice given to her by her friend Helen

“I’d been reliably informed that’s what triathletes do: they spend money they don’t have on their sport.” – Laura justifying her purchasing of a bike during her lunch hour

“Triathlon is the only sport I know of where they feel the need to actively prohibit nipple exposure.” – Katie

Tricurious & House of Cards have kept me entertained on my sick bed this week.

Tricurious & House of Cards have kept me entertained on my sick bed this week.

I’m so glad I read this book (if only for the fact that I now know Laura saved us all from a verruca instagram) and recommend it to everyone I know. I’m usually a book hoarder and hate loaning out books to friends as I know I’ll never see them again. But, as I was reading this book I kept thinking of people I wanted to pass it along to.  If you want to borrow my copy let me know, or even better order your own (you’ll need the triathlon packing list when you are panicking at 12:03am the night before your race trust me) from Waterstones.


9 thoughts on “tricurious

  1. Naomi

    Oh my daaaays, you paused that HoC episode at a seriously intense moment! Haha. Relevant comment though – I’m worried if I read this I will need to buy a bike and never have any money ever again…

  2. goldilocksrunning

    I loved Tricurious too- warm, witty and made me feel like I was sitting in the pub with Katie and Laura even though I’ve still yet to meet them!

  3. runningprincess78

    I can’t wait to read this book as I’d love to have a go at triathlon one day. I already run and cycle, so just the “small” matter of learning to swim properly to contend with…


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