the buff

Recently, contacted me to ask if I wanted to try out one of their Buffs and do a review of it on the blog. I’m a huge fan of Buffs (and think more races should give them out instead of tshirts!) but have a few myself already so I let Alex go wild on the website and pick one out to review himself.  Below is his review of wearing his new Buff while on the latest Beer Run for Laura’s Birthday.


It was a chilly day out and one of those days I’d usually be found watching some football highlights with a cup of tea and tasty slice of cake.  But this weekend I had signed up for a fun pub-to-pub run with friends, a beer run! This was only my second time taking part and enjoyed the fun atmosphere running from pub to pub and taking in some new sights and pints.

No cold day can be run without a warm Buff so I was excited to test out my new Barcelona FC themed bright orange Buff. I think Buffs are great and multi purpose as can be used as sweat towels, warm headbands plus a running accessories taking up no extra room necessary in my pack.


I decided to run to the beer run and covered 6 miles along the canal running to our starting point in Stratford. I wore the Buff as a headband to start and liked the comfortable and soft material which didn’t bother me or irritate my forehand. It was still pretty early so the first 4 miles were run at a relatively slow pace. Given that the day began to get warmer, I became quite hot and so decided to use the Buff a scarf around my neck rather than my head to cool down a bit. This was easily done and didn’t have to stop running to change the way the Buff was used.


Running along the Canal finally arriving at the start meant the real run of the day had only begun and by this point, the Buff had moved to a sweatband around my wrist and was easily used to dry off sweat from my face.

I would highly recommend Buff’s to fellow friends and runners due to its multi purpose use and great asset to any runner not to mention being used as towel for a few spilt pints!  The Kitshack: has a huge selection of buff headwear if you are looking for that specific one.

Thanks to the Kitshack for sending over the free Buff for Alex to run & drink in.


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