a frustrating week

I’ve been frustrated this week. It’s been another one of those weeks where it seems like everywhere I look there is another sexist advertisement or insulting image.

I have a pretty basic test. If a normal person looks at a statement or image and their immediate reaction is “WHAT?” or “That seems unfair” then it probably is. Yes, there might be a reason why it is unfair (status quo, marketing pressure, sponsorship demands, etc) but the fact that it is unfair means it is something that should be noted.


1. Anna drew my attention to this race that is awarding prizes to the top 10 males and top 6 females. People are saying it is because based on last year’s entries both are equal to 0.007% of the gender’s entry field, but I don’t agree with that. First, there is no cap on entries, so who knows how many Men/Women will enter this year. Second, at first glance it just seems unfair. Why is the 0.007% chosen? Why not 0.009%? Third, if it is a matter of funding, ie. the sponsor only has x amount of money to award prizes, shouldn’t it be split evenly?

2. I was emailed by a PR to try a new fitness class put on by a big UK gym & international fitness apparel brand. This was in the description of the class.


In no way do I think fitness or exercise should be negatively motivated and it really grinds my gears (lol) when people emphasise this. Not to mention that it is dangerous to associate mental and physical breaking points with fitness as it could actually encourage people to put themselves into dangerous situations. I’ve seen it with the #fitspo community and disordered eating. The intent of the message may not be harmful, but the audience might take it as such.

You might not agree with me that these are issues (a lot of people on Twitter sure told me I was insane for even thinking they were) but I hope that at least by bringing them up and discussing them we’re moving away from the oh well it’s what’s always been done common place and towards thinking before we act.


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