UK National Cross Country Championships

There are few things I’m less qualified to do than run in the National Cross Country Championships. But this is what happens when you are in a running club, enjoy running in the mud and sign up for almost any race without reading the title.


This Saturday I’ll be lacing up my longest spikes alongside some of the most elite men & women who run (don’t believe me? Read Jonny Muir’s blog about the level of competition at cross country meets. You’ve won a marathon before? Good luck breaking the top 50 at XC) and going up and down and around Parliament Hill a few times as I run in the senior women 5 mile race.

On my third lap of this hill I will not be smiling so much.

On my third lap of this hill I will not be smiling so much.

I’m going because I love the atmosphere of cross country meets, and before and after my gruelling 5 miles, I’ll get to see some of that. If you’re free on Saturday I highly recommend you come by to watch. The women will start at 2:20pm and the men right after.


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