if you can’t run it, swim it

I should stop checking my phone so much. Early on in December I got an email inviting me to be on the #blogsquad for Swimathon 2015 . I had followed Donna‘s Swimathon adventure last year and thought, why not, let’s give it a go.  I have to choose a distance (2.5k or 5k) and a pool to do the swim in. I’ll be getting support from Zoggs and Limelight Sports (the organisers) and hope to get enough training in to have an enjoyable swim on the day.

My latest pool training involved more giraffes than goggles.

My latest pool training involved more giraffes than goggles.

Then, while on holidays, I checked my phone one morning to see a Whatsapp conversation between the Team Rainbow Dublin group about a 10k swim in the Jubilee River. There were talks of cocktails and ginormous floatables so I said I’m in. Luckily we’ll be doing it as a relay team so I’ll be swimming around 2k in a wetsuit, with the strong current (cue starfish position to carry me downstream).


At least my open water selfie skills are up to the challenge.

So stay tuned to see more #swimselfies than ever before!


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