we’ll run for beer

A few weeks ago Laura emailed me with the subject line ‘Beer run?’ Looking at my festive calendar it seemed to fit in well between Christmas parties so I said yes and looked forward to joining London’s first Beer Run.


We met at the Euston Tap at noon and the rules were explained to us. It’s not a drinking or running race, there are no winners, and no losers, and don’t run in front of any cars. Health and Safety covered we were off… to the bar. I chose a bottle of Stokey Brown to start. Fitting with the North London theme of the run.


From the Tap we ran about a mile to Brew Dog and all enjoyed one of their fresh pints.  I had a half of pale ale.



My new race vest did very well in testing if I could run with a bottle. Good to know for future Bacchus-type events.


Another mile or so North we ended up at the Tapping of the Admiral. A great pub where I enjoyed a half of Santa’s Little Belter. Festive fun. From this pub the next stop was a 400m run away. Part orienteering, part sprint we found ourselves at the Camden Town Brewery for our 4th stop.


There aren’t many skills to beer running but we did learn it is essential to go to the toilet before you leave a pub. Even 400m with that much liquid in you isn’t an easy jog.


From the Brewery it was another mile up to Hampstead where we crossed the finish line at the bar of the Southampton Arms.  Everyone who started finished and some PBs were set along the way. Over a final half of an oatmeal ale and a pork roast bap we all agreed Beer Running to be a massive success and great afternoon out.


Strava details http://www.strava.com/activities/231106510/embed/7692a115333470b1f2488a65154115747c13d7c3


6 thoughts on “we’ll run for beer

  1. Mary

    Haha! Fab run! Our club does something similar each Summer… The Welly Wobble is a route around twenty pubs in town and came from an idea someone had a few years back about celebrating the twentieth year as a club.


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