my club vest

A lot of people ask me about joining a running club. There are loads of free running groups that you can join and get awesome coaching from. There are crews that will take you on unique and creative training runs and instagram the whole thing for you. When Laura suggested I join her club last year I wasn’t quite sure it would be for me.  One year on, why am I glad I joined a run club?

Because I love my club vest.

I received my club vest when I joined and christened it with some wine & cheese.

I wore it during the hardest run of my life – a Met League cross country race at Alexandra Palace. Even though I was very close to last place the constant “Go on Serpie” cheers kept me moving forward.

After the mud washed off the vest and I was proud to wear it through SW London on a speedy half marathon attempt.

I don’t only love my club vest when I’m wearing it. I lost my voice cheering on all the Serpies running the London Marathon.

Alex & I entered a small trail race last weekend and even though I was the only Serpie the East London Runners let me leave my bag at their flag and the Orion Harriers cheered me on at the start and congratulated me on my finish.  Each marshal gave me a smile & a “good run Serpie” which really did make my legs go faster up each hill.  I also met up with friends Claire & Jolekha who spotted the Serpie vest from miles away.

I love my club vest because it means I’m a part of a community whenever and wherever I wear it.
IMG_20140802_115551I am biased, but if you want to join the best run club in London come join the Serpentine.



9 thoughts on “my club vest

  1. dgobs

    It’s nice to learn I’m not the only one who loves my club vest this much! 🙂 It is such a great way to feel part of a community when you wear it. I only wish the name of my club was as noticeable on my vest as yours is; mine is good for club members to recognize their own, but I’ve never had anyone from a crowd cheer me on with a “Go on Shammie!” So I do have a bit of vest envy!

  2. Helen

    I love my club vest for the same reason! On my last race even people who weren’t really spectating but just walking in the park were shouting ‘come on Penny Lane!’. It really does make you feel part of the community and I also kept thinking ‘I can’t stop, I’ll be letting Penny Lane down’ haha.

  3. Cakey

    Yes to the vest! Mine isn’t as stylish as yours. It’s bright yellow. But while it doesn’t bring out my eyes, it certainly brings out some cheers. I never really realised how powerful the club vest could be until I wore it. More power to the powervests.

  4. mia79gbr

    Agree! I TOTALLY get this! I joined a new club in March and it’s so lovely to be a part of the group even when I’m the only one there at a race … if that makes sense!! And just like yours it’s a lovely bright distinctive one!! Go Northbrook! 🙂

  5. Rhona @

    I love this post! I 100% agree and I love being a part of something so inclusive and friendly which goes so much further beyond the colours on your vest. I don’t know why I was ever so scared to join a club!
    I’ve never felt a bigger boost than when alone towards the back of a tiny race in the middle of nowhere in February, freezing my tits off 50 miles from home slogging in out when a Marshall randomly started shouting “GO STEENHIVE! STEENHIVE! STEEENHIIIIVE!!” (Doric for Stonehaven) and it just made me feel so lovely and encouraged.
    Also there was the Paris Marathon – whoever knew so many people out of the thousands supporting knew where Stonehaven was?! Having a bunch of Scottish ladies totally lose their shit whilst running past in my club vest+Saltire made my heart burst with pride.
    It feels awesome for the average workaday runner to represent something, regardless of how small it might be 🙂


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