[Sponsored Post] Dolly Parton @ The O2

Sponsored Post

When I moved to London just over 3 years ago I kind of got to start life over again.  With every new person I met I got to decide what I would and wouldn’t tell them about my past. What has not come up yet is my love of country music.


I mean serious love. I grew up listening to the local country music station in Vancouver (JRFM!) and spent a few summers at a summer camp for riding horses. Then when we were (barely) old enough my best friends and I spent a weekend at the Calgary Stampede, the next year was the Merrit Mountain Music festival, the year after that Keith Urban & Dixie Chicks concerts.

It’s rare I get to indulge my country music love in London (long runs playing the Garth Brooks Live album withstanding. Standing Outside the Fire is a absolute CHUNE to run to) but with Dolly Parton coming to Glastonbury and doing a couple of shows at The O2 as a part of her Blue Smoke World Tour, I might have to dig out the cowboy hat my friends bought me for my 18th birthday.

If you’re planning to go you should do the official “Which Dolly Parton Song Are You” quiz on Buzzfeed which as you can see below, she actually worked on!


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