easter sunday


It wasn’t quite the #SOBO weather we’d been hyping up on Twitter 24 hours earlier, but that didn’t stop six of us showing up for an Easter Sunday 10k in Richmond Park.

Lovely morning cycle to Richmond Park

Lovely morning cycle to Richmond Park


I arrived half an hour before the start and saw Stephanie’s bright shorts from miles away. After locking my bike to a teeny tree (I’m much to trusting when in South West London) and peeling off of the cycling layers we threw our bags under a tarp and lined up with a couple hundred other runners with cream egg finish line aspirations. We were told to do 2 laps or risk running 15k and having the cream eggs run out.


A quick horn and we were off. Sarah, Cat, Steph, and I started out together up the trail and while Cat and I caught up on bunny gossip Sarah and Steph zoomed ahead. Cat was nice enough to stick with me for the first 5k lap but considering we were running slower than her ultra pace she quickly zoomed off on the second lap.  There was a little guy spectating counting the runners and letting us know what place we were in which was awesome. Who knees a pace watch? Keeping Steph’s bright shorts in sight I caught up to them and we used #SOBO power to make it up the last of the hill and cruised downhill for the last 3km with Steph’s long legs taking the lead for a bit then Sarah powering through at 9k making her move to the finish. Nicola met us at the finish line after doing a 5k lap testing out her newly put-together foot and Rebecca was not far behind finishing with a huge smile on her face (even before she saw the jaffa cakes in the finish tent!) It was so fun running with friends I usually only speak to online, and have to say that even if I’m in the minority, I believe meeting people on the internet is pretty amazing.

After the race we dried off over coffees, smoothies, and breakfast at the yummy Milestone cafe and discussed what everyone was eating for the rest of their Easter weekend. Me? I’m stuck in on the crumble.



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