Tribesports is one of those really cool companies that I wish I started. They built a community of sports people and then designed kit based on their opinions/feedback/suggestions. I’ve followed them since their kickstarter campaign a while ago, and when they asked me to be a part of their #runwithme campaign I jumped at the chance.  You can be a part of #runwithme too – share your stories with the Tribe Sports team via twitter, instagram or email team@tribesports.com and find your place in the Tribesports world.

#SOBO #runcommute

#SOBO #runcommute

They sent me and Alex some it to test out and I’m already obsessed with the 2-in-1 shorts, but will save the reviews until we’ve had a few weeks to test them out. Right now they’re asking for people to submit their opinions on new products and new colours. If you check out their online store you’ll see the gear is a lot cheaper than normal running kit. Like I mentioned with the Aldi running range you don’t need new kit to train better, but if you’re in the market for kit that, in my opinion, is light and perfect for summer running then add it to your wish list.  The women’s performance tech tee is so soft I almost don’t want to sweat in it.


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