Aldi running range

It was pretty windy last week when Aldi invited us down to the Crystal Palace Athletics track to do some triathlon training. I wore their £14.99 Summer windbreakers jacket and found it was perfectly up to the task. I don’t usually wear jackets while running as they get too warm within 5 minutes of starting – this one cut the wind but also didn’t make me overheat.


I don’t always train with my hair down, but when I do it’s perfectly windswept. (photo credit @charliedwatson)

Plus it looked good. The next day I was running the Sport Relief mile at work and didn’t want to show up in my club singlet, but wanted to make sure no one thought I was going to walk the mile. I grabbed the jacket again and felt ace running in it (and pulling out a quick mile to beat the Director of my organisation). They make good guy stuff too and were generous enough to let me take some home for my husband to try. He loves his leggings (sans modesty shorts!) and gave these £9.99 man-capris (not sure if they’re officially called that) high marks and said he’d rather keep them than go get the £80 pair at Niketown.

Socks are his own styling addition.

Socks are his own styling addition.

If you’re like me and don’t need any new running kit until 2056 then don’t be silly and buy this for the sake of it. But if you are looking for that one piece of clothing or equipment (especially if you’re trying out the sport for the first time) then Aldi is for you. I’m especially looking at you Duathlon-ers and newbie cyclists!


Listen, Aldi makes good kit for cheap. Their trisuits are good enough for Ironmen and even before I was invited to their press event I followed and bought some of their cycling kit that seemed to cheap to be true. It really works and where some of the big brands have the design-of-the-moment painted on their leggings, they’re the same quality as these £9.99 ones. Trust me.

The Running Kit Specialbuys at Aldi goes on sale on April 3rd and October 9th this year. Get yourself to one (or find a great friend in Leeds who will ship them to you!)


2 thoughts on “Aldi running range

  1. emma

    I’ve got great compression socks from there before, but I’ll definitely remember to check out some of their other kit, it’s great to get advance warning when they’ll be selling it!


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