I swear I was just advocating a no-run-vember where we all took a big chill pill and spent the month with our legs up the wall recovering.

Someone forgot to mention this to my diary though and it has been packed with events and activities.

On Monday I got a twitter message from Nike that I had made the cut for a special Nike Training Club class on ice!  As a Canadian I’m pretty confident on skates, bit wasn’t sure I could do burpees wearing them.


The lovely Master Trainer Tana had us working up a sweat right away as we dove straight into NTC drills on the ice (there were non-slip blocks on the rink so we didn’t go flying). We were given the new Dri Fit Wool Hoodie to wear and it was perfect as it was long (!!!) and lightweight but kept us super warm and not stinky.

After the workout we grabbed some skates and ventured back out to practice our routines for the upcoming Winter Olympics. Check out Zoe & Jen!



Tuesday saw me back at Tempo Pilates getting a serious workout with the instructor Flavio. The thing with Pilates is sometimes you really really feel it. I couldn’t hold a plank for more than. 30 seconds that day and pretty much melted after the class.  I also froze on my cycle commute and found myself wearing ALL the layers.


Wednesday I squeezed in another Pilates class before going to my run club’s Wednesday run. It just happened to be the social night where there was cheese & wine post-run. Quelle surprise! I also got my race vest and am so excited to get it muddy at the upcoming cross country races this winter.


Thursday morning saw an early start as I headed to the launch of Sainsbury’s new at-home gym range. They’ve got all the basics you need for a good workout if you tend to avoid the gyms but still want the gear.


Thursday evening I trekked out to Richmond for the new Lululemon showroom opening with Cat, Polly, and Charlie. It was great to see all the hard work Liz, Emma, and Karen have put onto the showroom over the past few months.


Finally Friday I had tickets to the London Transport Museum Late Night where we got to explore the museum with drinks and treats. Check out the craftyness of the biscuits we made!


The transport themed drinks lead to a hazy Saturday morning where I met up with Laura, Cat and Simon for an exploratory trail run around North London.


The run was great but our post-run bread was even better.


Since Saturday night I’ve been stuck to the couch and plan to get to know it really well over the next week.

And relax.


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