race portrait

It’s no secret I dislike race photos. It’s a rare race the photographers are actually set up in locations to capture nice photos (exception: The Windsor Trail Half) and you usually end up with 3-5 horrible pictures from a horrible angle with weird dudes blocking half the shot.

Not to mention they cost an arm and a leg. I am not sure how £8 for a digital image file is considered fair market price, but that’s what most race photographers charge.

The problem is that my husband and I run most of our races together, leaving no one to hold the coats, prepare a post-race roast dinner, or take our own photos along the course.  We are at the mercy of race photographers or the deadly race selfie option.  When our wedding anniversary rolled around I was procrastinating on Twitter from trying to think of a gift that involves the traditional first anniversary gift of paper, and I saw a tweet from fellow Write this Run attendee Nichola Rowlands about her couple portrait service.  A few emails and screen shots of race photos later and she created the most unique race portrait we are happy to hang on our wall.


If you like unique gifts, czech dog pillows, and custom portraits check her out.


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