fit fitness into your daily routine

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Fit Fitness into your daily routine with the Training Room

It’s no secret I’m a huge believer in fitting fitness into your daily life.  From #RUNching instead of lunching to taking advantage of cycle to work schemes, there are dozens of ways I have become more active in my daily life.  But as soon as fitness becomes an obligation it seems to lose 99.9% of its fun and ends up in all those unhappy tweets you see at 7:30am on a Tuesday.

No one wants to skip the after-work drinks and impromptu film tickets because they have to go for a run, and I am no exception. I think that your training life, a happy social life, and a productive work life can happen at the same time and it just takes a bit of planning.  Here is what has worked for me this summer while training for 2 half marathons and a 10k.

1. Book it.

Look ahead and get some training in the calendar.  Speak to your friends, do they want to do a Pilates class next week? Book it in. Can someone meet you for a run on Sunday? Confirm that.  Your favourite instructor is teaching yoga on Wednesday? Pencil it in the agenda.  You’re less likely to cancel, more likely to look forward to it and anything else that pops up you can plan around your training.

2. Try it.

This one is pretty simple – if you’re trying a new class or a new running route you’re going to focus on experiencing it rather than doing it.

3. Cancel it.

Don’t be afraid to cancel or move your training to another day if something comes up.  Free tickets to the roller rink were more important than a speed session last week for me. Instead of thinking about the training I missed, I thought about the training I was doing, the new sport I tried (and was really bad at!) and trusted that the rest of my training wouldn’t be hindered by missing one session.

4. Run it.

A few of my awesome running friends have recently taken an instructors course so they can lead running groups themselves. I thought it was motivating to train with these girls in a class, but now it’s double motivation as they’re the ones calling the shots and pushing us further and faster.  There is a lot to be said for taking a passion of yours and turning it into a career.

The Training Room offers PT courses for those looking to take their training to the next level. I’ve had a look around their website and their courses cater to people looking to make personal trianing a second job or a full time job.  There’s loads of information on their blog about personal branding and the 2013 trend of PTs as a brand themselves (who needs gyms when you have a PT and the great outdoors?).  I love the inspiration I get from working with awesome PTs and with all the new ways to train out there now think of how creative you could be if you were running the classes….

I was paid to write this post by the Training Room, but all opinions are still my own.


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