NTC Bionic – London

Since my first NTC class on February 29th, 2011 (the leap year #makeitcount in the London eye!) I’ve been hooked. Free fitness classes every day of the week taught by the best of the best master trainers? I still can’t find the fault.


NTC Train2Run class at the top of Primrose Hill after Saturday morning hill sprints.

We’ve done classes in the parks, under trees, on a track, up a hill, in the mud, in the snow, and under a blazing sun. We do squats and burpees, prancing ponies and sit-up chains.  Competing against each other and also working together to meet our goals. It’s been more than a weekly fitness class, I’ve met really good friends, had amazing chats with inspiring people and learned there’s more to London than pubs and walking really fast in the city.

I keep a close eye on the NTC facebook page to hear about how the other girls are doing in their classes and obviously to check out the latest fancy leggings Nike is developing.  The other day I saw a post advertising a special NTC event this week and emailed to get on the guest list. I wasn’t lucky enough to make the cut, but have been to enough NTC classes to know that so many people sign up and then drop out – so I emailed back and said, “I have my kit and am ready to come at the last minute if someone drops out.” Someone did *surprise* and I got an invite to the NTC #freebionic event at The Exchange Rooftop Bar near London Bridge.


We showed up to a rooftop bar under the shadow of the Shard (literally underneath it) and were given a bright dryfit top and the new Nike Bionic training shoe to try out for our upcoming HIT class with Jocelyn. Hot pink and low profile, they’re designed for training and not running (think lateral movement instead of forward movement).  We got the product spiel from the experts, but in all honesty I knew these shoes would work well because when I started working out the sides of my feet hurt SO much when doing side lunges and squats and I could feel my feet falling over my normally perfect fitting running shoes.  That said I never felt the need to go out and buy training specific trainers – but if you want to – these are a great option.  They’re also great for the gym as the minimalist profile keeps your feet on the ground, not on a spongy running shoe.


Photo via @leahnaturally

Photo via @leahnaturally

As the thunder clouds rolled in we pulled up our NTC big girl pants and went outside in the rain for the HIT class to start.  Anyone who has met her before knows Jocelyn is the master of all NTC master trainers. Her classes are so well structured, she is attentive to the clock (10 seconds means 10 seconds.. plus a few extra for luck!) and she will make you high intensity sweat. We did burpees, toe touches (trying to touch the top of the shard) and an epic 4 minute team squat hold as the sun set and our butts ached.


As a reward for the epic squat challenge, we were told we get to keep the shoes and dig into some delicious veggie treats (the watermelon and feta salad was stellar) and WATERMELON COCKTAILS. YUM!


NTC #nofilter

It was another great NTC event and the new #bionic shoes are great for training (but not running) in.  If you want to come along to the next event keep an eye out on the NTC page and book yourself into a class!


More of these post-NTC classes please.


3 thoughts on “NTC Bionic – London

  1. Helen Rothwell

    Those shoes are PINK!!! I might have a look at those next time I am near a nike shop as they sound perfect for my strongwoman training.

    What on earth is a prancing pony however?


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