women’s exclusive cycle night

In 5 days I’ll be cycling from London to Brighton at night with my friend Emma. As my first big long ride I figured I should get a bit more serious about this cycling thing.

As a runner, I figured I had enough lycra to last forever. Nope. Cycling long distances requires all new lycra.  I’m not complaining (although my butt was before I found padded shorts) and have found some great deals on Wiggle, Decathalon and H&M.


I’m used to cycling through Camden on a Saturday morning dodging shards of broken bottles and praying I don’t get a puncture, and while this has worked to now, I’m not sure I can *hope* I  don’t get a puncture in the middle of the night on a dark road.  I signed up to attend the Exclusive Women’s Only Evening at the Cycle Surgery concept store in Covent Garden.  Along with champagne and cupcakes we learned about setting up our bikes to fit our bodies and how to do basic fixes on our bikes.

IMG_20130702_200321 (1)

It wasn’t groundbreaking stuff but really helpful and nice to have the attention of experts if you had a question.  There was also an useful goodybag at the end – so if you’re keen there’s a few more happening in the next few weeks – check the link above to book in.


Feeling a little all-gear-no-skill I’ve been trying to get some longer rides in on the weekends, and love love love cycling Richmond Park.  It’s an easy overground (air con and bikes allowed! Yay!) and once you’re in the park the cyclists outnumber the cars so it’s pretty safe. I’d recommend you know a bit about cycling etiquette before you go though just to be safest.


The London Duathlon (oh yeah that other big race I’m training for) has its route planned to go counter-clockwise around Richmond park and *surprise* up the steepest hill. Broomfield Hill I’m looking at you.


We did 2 laps and were so knackered at the end our legs were still shaking an hour later as we ordered chilli dogs and crabbies in the Red Lion beer garden.

richmond cycle 30 miles

All in all we cycled 30.86 miles on Saturday which considering it was my 30th birthday… I’ll take the miles over the years any day!


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