I’ve just got back from holidays. Two weeks in Vancouver visiting friends & family, maid of honour-ing at my best friend’s wedding, spending hot days on the lake with the inlaws, and most importantly enjoying the sun, mountains and sea in the best city in the world*

*tied with Cape Town. (My totally unbiased opinion)

Rather than bore you all with a slideshow of my holidays I put together some photos of the most important highlights of my trip. All the running & eating I did.

Seek the Peak: White Spot Car Hop Legendary platter

Seek the Peak: White Spot Car Hop Legendary platter

On my first day back in Vancouver I joined Julia, her sister Laura, and Carley in the Seek the Peak relay from the Pacific Ocean to the top of Grouse Mountain.  Just 4100ft in 16km for us to cover. We worked up an appetite and enjoyed legendary burgers, unlimited fries and chocolate milkshakes at the BEST BC restaurant ever.

Endowment Lands trail run: Ladies Brunch

Endowment Lands trail run: Ladies Brunch

My parents live right on the edge of the Endowment Lands (Pacific Spirit Park) which is full of perfect trails for running. I took my dog out for a 6k loop and got more muddy and scratched than ever.  A quick shower and I was ready for our traditional ladies brunch on Sunday that we used to have once a month when I used to live in Vancouver.  Karen put on a fabulous garden brunch with the most DELICIOUS cinnamon rolls and scones. (& Champagne obviously.)


Saltspring explore run: Burger Bar in Ganges Harbour

Alex and I joined his parents, brother and brother’s girlfriend on a vacation to Saltspring Island. We stayed in the most lovely cottage on the north of the Island right on St. Mary’s lake.  One morning we woke up and ran a very hilly 5k run with the island’s deer.  After we obviously indulged in the best burgers and local beer at Ganges Harbour.


Paddleboarding: Saltspring Island Ales Brewery

Not exactly running or eating, but we spent a lot of time on the water paddleboarding up and down the lake in the sun.  Followed by a trip to the only brewery on the island for some fresh samples.

Dog run: Mussel Mania @ Sandbar

Back in Vancouver I gathered all the dogs and friends and ran almost 8k in the Endowment Lands with the our pacers Nixon and Drake. After we hit up the Sandbar mussel mania happy hour with all that food for $12 each. Best afternoon eating in Vancouver.


The Grouse Grind: Nachos at the top

My husband’s family lives at the base of Grouse Mountain. Their back yard is basically the Grouse Grind which is a 2.9km outdoor stairmaster. It’s all up and all steep. I spent 29.9 years of my live avoiding it and this trip back I got suckered into doing it twice! It’s killer crosstraining for running and a great way to work up an appetite for the famous nachos in the lodge on the peak.


Point Roberts jog for jugs: Lunch on the patio

My awesome friend Carley invited me down to her cabin in Point Roberts (USA! USA!) for the day and surprised me with our own version of their famous Jog for Jugs. We ran around the teeny little part if America located in Canada and ended up with delicious Leavenworth beers on the patio. Efficient.


Forest & beach run: Dunbar-style refueling

On my last day in Vancouver my flight didn’t leave until 6pm so I tried to sneak in an epic run from my parent’s house through forest, across the University campus, down to the beach and then up the hills back home. Fitting in all the best of Vancouver’s running spots. Except it was killer hot out and after 15km I decided enough was enough and caught the bus the last 3km (always pack a bus ticket!). Once home I ordered sushi, had a shower, then went to pick it up with a coca-cola slurpee from Macs on Dunbar. BEST post race fuel ever. If anything gets us to move back to Vancouver it will be the cheap and delicious sushi.

And finally, here is gif of one of the best moments of my time back in Vancouver.  We started off Julia’ wedding day with some yoga on the patio of her bridal suite.  The whole bridal party including the flower girl were doing some great poses. You can see Amy prefered a more dynamic approach to the poses (click on the image to see the gif motion)



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  1. Run Pilou Run!

    Looks and sounds like you had an awesome time 🙂 I’ve only been to Vancouver a couple of times (and in the winter!), but I think I’d definitely enjoy living there if my husband and I were to move back to Canada…oh yeah, how was Canada Day?!


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