supercharge week


Nike just doesn’t quit.  Even though my taper week for the Verona half was schedule to start yesterday Nike launched Supercharge week – a week filled with the best NTC classes, taught by the best NTC trainers, in the best London venues. How could I miss out? Everyone was talking about it on Twitter.


Monday was a spin class with the super-NTC Master trainer Sonja Moses, I wasn’t lucky enough to get a spot in that class, but check out my friend Naturally Leah for all the details.

Tuesday saw us dressing in tutus and lighting up the night on a run/circuit training class around Central London. The trainers ran with us pumping the music and encouraging us to keep moving.  Once we hit Trafalgar square there was a pop up NTC class and after a slight interference by the police (we politely moved) we were squatting, lunging and tuck jumping in high intensity drills. Another jog down to the Victoria Embankment saw us met with more circuits. So. Many. Squats.

Of course the Nike photographers caught me at my best and all exercise credibility I once had is now gone.

Back at the Covent Garden Nike store we had a good stretch, some Soulfood super chicken salad and got a great Nike goodybag filled with Cow&Gate lotion, some hand designed totes from a local artist and a really cute hair pack that included hair ties, bobby pins and dry shampoo.  One of the most thoughtful gifts you could give any female runner.

The next day it right back into it with NTC Silent Disco. Taking place at the Village Underground in Shoreditch, this night was a huge party with a sneaky (really hard) 50 minute NTC class in the middle. Once again, encouraged to don our best and brightest we were kitted out in neon face paint, nails and leg warmers and Nike Fuelbands to #fuelcheck our workout.

The class was lead by NTC Master trainers Jamie and Joslyn (my favourite from summer 2012 classes in Victoria Park) and it was just like I remember from last summer. HARD. We were all kitted out with headphones and there were 2 live DJs we could chose to work out to. The music was amazing and it was hard to stay still in plank for 60 seconds with such good tunes.

I was doing squats like crazy at one point and went invisible.

So, now that I’m suitably Supercharged it’s back to training and packing for Verona!



3 thoughts on “supercharge week

  1. Leah

    I loved the entire week – it was such a blast…can we do it all over again Nike please?!

    p.s you looked GREAT in that tutu, it should be a permanent part of your running kit! 😉


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