what should I wear?

This is how my workout gear usually looks:

In the interest of blogging though – here’s a much friendlier view of my favourite workout gear:

1. MEC T1 Long-Sleeved Crew $19 on MEC.ca (Canadians only)! 

This is a tried/tested/true piece of outdoor gear. It gets me through running/skiing/hiking/camping/apres ski at the bar/you name it.  Best item I’ve ever owned).

2. Lorna Jane Maxivate Top £56 at Lorna Jane 

When it’s really cold I’ll put on this extra layer (and look extra pink). Currently online only available in Australia but check out their pop-up shops at studios around London.

3. Nike Pro Capri II – Sunburst/Bright Peach – £22.50 on SheActive.co.uk 

They run large, I’m usually a 12 in leggings but if I was to buy these again I’d go for a 10). They’re comfortable and flashy for the dark nights of running. Only downside is no pockets.

4. Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve – £52.00 on Lululemon.co.uk 

I love this top so much I’ve worn it to it’s death.  It’s the perfect running/bootcamp top as it is light and airy but still has sleeves! It’s trendy and cute in a studio, but also holds up to the outdoors. Mine is neon yellow (ish) but am looking at the grey for my next purchase.

5. Domyos Spots Bag £6.99 on Domyos-fitness.com

How cute is this bag? I saw it while on vacation in France and had to buy it. It comes in a million different colours and patterns and even a backpack version. I want them all.

6. Adidas Supernova Sequence 5 £90 on Sweatshop.co.uk

I’ve flirted with Nike but I keep coming back to these Adidas shoes. They’re good for my little left ankle wobble when I run and (unlike Nike) are narrow enough to actually hold my foot.

7. Domyos Run-in Socks £3.00 on Domyos-fitness.com
These are my first pair of thin socks for running and are great with my above shoes that are sometimes a bit too tight in the toes (peril of having narrow feet means shoes sometimes have to fit a bit more snug in the length). They’re awesome and as I learned on Saturday, when they get soaking wet they do not cause blisters!

8. Deuter Bike One 20L Rucksack £52.40 on Wiggle.co.uk 
This rucksack has revolutionized my run-commute home. It’s big enough to fit boots (which I wear almost every day in the winter) and a full outfit and it’s so comfortable on that even if it feels heavy lifting it, once it’s on your back you don’t even feel it. PLUS it’s technically a bike bag (all the running specific bags were too small) so it has a neon rain cover that works so well when running in the dark and a helmet holder which, now that I’ve started biking to/from bootcamps, holds my helmet well while I’m trying to fix my helmet hair.

9. C9 Champion Sports Bra $16.99 at Target.com
This is my one import item I always get my friends to pick up for me in America. This is the best bra that comes in the best colours (I currently have a great purple/blue dip-dye one) and lasts forever.
10. SweatyBetty Waterbottle £5 at Sweatybetty.com 

I love  a good sweat and this waterbottle is great for taking to classes. Get it online or free if you go to one of Sweaty Betty’s in-store events (Run Britannia for me!).

(me as a seemingly dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for a night run in most of the above gear)

1 thought on “what should I wear?

  1. Laura

    So happy that you like our Domyos range! We’re open in London (Canada Water) with the whole range of Domyos goodies so you won’t need to travel far to complete your collection! 🙂


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