Earlier this year Lucy came up with the idea to start running at lunch as a few people in our office were training for a half marathon and we work right by one of the best running routes in London.

RUNch is now one of my favourite ways to sneak in a 5k run each week. In the winter it seems like I’m always running in the dark – so lunch is the perfect time to grab some fresh air, vitamin D and exercise all at once.

A lot of people are intimidated by RUNch, but don’t worry I’ve got some top tips:

  1. Keep the distance under 5k. When you factor in changing & stretching time you’ll find your lunch hour away from your desk is almost up. It’s not the end of the world in most offices if you take a few extra minutes to scoff a sandwich post-run at your desk, but you don’t want to take the piss and be out for a couple of hours mid-day.
  2. Simply run. I’ve found that RUNches are not the best time for fartleks or sprints but are best used to get get a those miles on your legs and shake out any desk/sitting stiffness. That said don’t be afraid to push yourself. The route I RUNch has very little street crossings so it’s a good opportunity to try to push myself and get closer to a “race pace” 5k than usual. If you’re RUNching with people then take the opportunity to run at a new pace maybe pushing yourself a bit more than usual
  3. If you fail to prepare, prepare to stink. Not the original quote but preparation is key to a good RUNch. I keep the following in my desk. Deodorant, makeup remover wipes (these are essential if you don’t have access to a shower) powder, hair brush, extra pins & elastics. Post-RUNch isn’t the time to completely re-do your look, but it’s important not to look like a smelly red tomato during your afternoon meetings. FYI don’t RUNch on important meeting days.
  4. Smile. You’re outside running instead of sitting at your desk. Enjoy it!

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