new shoes

Being a part of the  Nike+ running community in London has its perks. Specifically getting a pair of Nike Lunarglide 4’s completely free a week before they’re available to the public (for £115).

The Nike Lunar Run 21.06.2012 was organised on the Nike Running UK facebook page and a quick email got me and Alex an invite to their 5k lunar run on the first day of summer at 8:30pm.  We showed up expecting the regular Nike+ swag (tshirt, drinks, fun people) and were treated with just that.  We were outfitted with dry-fit tshirts and glow sticks and then the presentation about the new Lunarglide shoes began. 

When the curtain came down revealing a wall full of new shoes just for us it was a little bit Oprah-esq but much appreciated! We were the official Nike+ community testers and our 5k run would be the testing facility. 

Of course the first day of summer in London was pouring rain, but that didn’t stop us from running from Covent Garden, along Embankment to the Millennium Bridge, and then back along Southbank (stopping to do a few kinetic stretches to the amusement of the National Theatre cafe audience) and back to Covent Garden. We even had some London marathon style crowds cheering us along as we ran past the theatres.

Back at the store we gave our feedback on the shoes (super light and fit so well on my little narrow feet) and snacked on healthy bars, nuts and fruit salad along with wine/beer/and really good watermelon, strawberry and lime fruit juice.  

Overall a great night for those of us who actually enjoy running and good marketing by Nike, as at least half of us there were tweeting and blogging about the new shoes within minutes…. 

Sorry 2 month old shoes. I love you too but you’re just not as shiny! 


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