still learning

Although the above picture may suggest otherwise, I’m still not British and am continually learning more and more things about British culture.  

Last Friday I sat around the table with co-workers discussing British slang and my inability to follow most conversations between people after the third round of pints.   So we created a quick-view dictionary on my Blackberry I thought I’d share:

Palava – my favourite word that I actually have used and no one thought it was weird in my Canadian accent! 
In a tisz
Got a face on 
Ta ra duck (Sheffield)
Ta ra chuck (Lancashire)
Ta ra pet (Newcastle)
Ta ra cock (Yorkshire)
See ya later hen (Glasgow)
I’m in a chip
Frazzles – Bacony crisp things that are really good (or at least I thought so after a few pints) 
Rough as a badger’s arse
Mad as a sac of badgers
A Sandwich short of a picnic
As much use as a chocolate teapot
Couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery
Bang out of order 

So… do you know what any of these actually mean? 


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