rest days

(apologies for the 3 running posts in a row!) 

Back in September when I started to plan to run the Brighton Half Marathon I obviously started out by making a training plan calendar with nice fonts and inspirational pictures. All of my research into half-marathon training plans stressed the importance of not doing ANYTHING on your rest days between runs.

ummmm duh?

I couldn’t believe that this was actually a tip. A written in stone reason to be lazy.

“Hey! Want to go ice skating?”
“Nope, sorry it’s a rest day”

“Hey! Want to walk to McDonalds?”
“Nope, sorry it’s a rest day, we should drive there”

Then things started to change around month 4 of training. My legs began to override my logically lazy mind. There I was horizontal on the couch with a bowl of popcorn watching Celebrity Big Brother (aka the definition of indulgent lazyness) and my legs wanted to move. I started getting up and moving things around, hanging laundry, grabbing my iPod charger, washing the dishes just to keep moving.  A whole day of not running seemed excessive and I started to plan runs on Monday nights then Wednesday mornings to shorten the gap.

WHAT?!?!? Whose legs are these and what have they done with my lazyness!

So, we are 1 month and 1 day away from the Brighton Half and here’s to sticking to the plan and resting on rest days!

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