dear angry neon mini man

I am sorry that at 8:30pm last night your run was going so poorly that you had to yell at 3 girls walking down the street.

I am sorry that you felt the need to sneak up behind us on a fairly large and empty sidewalk and yell “PICK A SIDE”

I am sorry that as you trotted off after we moved aside in shock you felt the need to turn around and tell us off again.

I am not sorry that we stood up for ourselves and mentioned that you could have gone around us as 99% of all runners on the busy London sidewalks do.

I am not sorry that myself, my good friend visiting from America and her pregnant sister were walking side-by-side after dinner and not in single file as you seemed to require.

I am not sorry that we were having a nice chat and did not see or hear you coming from behind us until the moment you yelled at us. 

Actually, you might want to having friends, it might put you in a better mood.


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