I am still in minor disbelief that I have lived in London for 344 days. Although with stormy weather like today I am having flashbacks to sitting under 3 duvets watching Loose Women and applying for 5-10 jobs daily…

I’ve come a long way since then and I’m confident enough to be proud of what I accomplished in 2011. On New Year’s Eve I took part in a new tradition of going around the dinner table and saying your 10 Ten Favourite Moments of the year. 

  1. Going over that really 1 perfect jump in the Mt. Baker snowboard park with Keeley & Chris early on New Years Day while everyone else was asleep at the cabin (we lapped it about 3 times!)
  2. The “Surprise!” moment when my best Vancouver friends threw me a British themed going away party that I was totally clueless about.
  3. Drinking a Sagres beer in Sagres, Portugal watching Alex surf in the November sun.
  4. Eating a massive Scottish feast of game from the property with the Sir of the house while celebrating a good friend’s 40th birthday at the Monymusk castle in Scotland.
  5. Spending the day prawning and getting free range chickens from farm carcass freezers on Vancouver Island then eating them all in the most delicious meal with good friends and Shawnigan Sangria at Ross’ cabin.
  6. The. Royal. Wedding. All of it.
  7. All of Keeley & Chris’s wedding, but mostly when almost ready to start walking down the aisle and Becca says “Shut the Front Door!” and Keeley’s dad actually did.
  8. Alex waiting for me at the Gatwick arrivals when I finally showed up (now even more a favourite moment considering I now know that no one goes to airports in London to pick people up ever!).
  9. Meeting my neice Eva.
  10. The squid & potato salad I had in Montorosso, Cinque Terre while hiking the 5 towns with Alex in March.

This list doesn’t even begin to cover the millions of other great moments had in 2011 and here’s to more in 2012.


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