guess what more pie

I love the Pieminister cookbook, but when I saw this recipe in the Evening Standard I had to branch out in my pie making.

In Eat Like A Girl Niamh made them in so cute “cast-iron cocottes” which I don’t have so I used the one-size-fits-all bakeware which actually works better as you don’t feel bad going back in for a few more bites…

First I cooked up the chorizo and some potatoes (I added the potatoes to the recipe as I love packed pies) 

Add some chicken, garlic, tomatoes and chillis and parsley (from your allotment!) and simmer until you can’t take the amazing smell anymore and need to eat it.

Add some puff pastry (the puffier the better), an egg wash, and bake for 20 minutes. Voila! The perfect pie.

It could not have been more delicious.

Until it reached my plate! The most important photo: What Pie Really Looks Like (on my plate).

I truly believe that when it looks the worst it tastes the best. 


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