Training Heels

I bought my first pair* of heels today.

 *To clarify, these are my first real pair of heels. There was a pair of black Stüssy pumps purchased from Target when I was 18 that I wore for a total of probably 8 hours in the 5 nights I attempted to go out in them.

 I have avoided heels for so long for so many reasons.

I’m tall and have had no desire to be any taller.   Most of my friends are 5’middle-something and I’m already always slouching or in the back row of photos.

I’m a tall girl with small feet.  Being so physically similar to the Duchess of Cambridge I also share her small foot: tall height ratio (UK 5.5 : 178cm FYI).  I am fearful of general balance and wearing heels only made things wobblier.  Ever see a sumo wrestler on stilts? Didn’t think so.

I have never practised.  Avoiding heels for 10+ years has left me more awkward than this baby giraffe taking his first steps.  Last year Julia came to visit me in Toronto and bought the most amazing Purple suede heels.  When I tried them on she was laughing too hard to even give me tips.

It wasn’t always my fault.  Skate shoes, ballet flats, frye boots, and riding boots all have conveniently come in style one after the other keeping me fully grounded.

But, now I live in London and everyone’s in heels walking along the cobblestones like it’s no big thing, so off to online shopping the stores I went.  I bought a nice modest 3” pair of black wedges and am hoping the extra surface area keeps me balanced.  


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