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This being a blog without a “theme” the posts tend to follow my current interests.  Finding a job, the Royal Wedding, eating, sightseeing, and now running.  

I’m training for the Brighton Half Marathon while Alex trains for the London 2012 Marathon so while the days are getting shorter and colder, we’re getting outside more and more jogging around the neighborhood. 

I’ve found some great running routes around Highbury, one of my favourite is this 5.5k lap

I also love running with the Sweatshop Running Community. They run every Tuesday night out of the store on Holloway Road. The guides are great and you can run at your own pace as long as it is between 20 min – 45min for a 5k.  

When running by myself gets boring I fully intend on going to one of these free Parkrun 5k Saturday runs up and around Hampstead Heath. Hampstead is one of the biggest hills in London so it may take some convincing to get my legs to wilfully go along with this plan.

I cannot run without music.  My new favourite website is Rock My Run, which has these amazing playlists you can download (for free!) that are mixed by bloggers, runners, DJs, everyone! The ones I am loving right now is the 75 minute Rock to the Beat and this Katy’s Fun Run. Download them and you will not be disappointed!

Of course the most important part of running. The outfit.  Now I follow the mantra of running blogger KatieRUNSThis who says “If it isn’t neon, it shouldn’t be on”

I made this outfit board of my current running outfit and as you can see I like things bright even down to my iPod. I’m 100% confident of the correlation between your outfit and running speed.  Sometimes with the addition of a few layers it turns into a #ridiculousrunningoutfit, but usually it’s just bright enough to be seen during dusk on the London streets.  

So, it’s a rest day today, but who wants to go for a nice 5k jog tomorrow?

ps. No one is sponsoring anything I do related to running.  These are all my opinions and purchases.


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