Inspired by the amazing blogger Katie Key of KatieRUNSthis I’ve been putting on more neon sportswear and getting out and running just a bit more in the past month.  I have no 5k or 10k in the near future to train for, but still find myself getting out 3 times a week to run around Highbury Fields and Emerites Stadium.  

When I googled london running tips all that came up were marathon training tips! Well, some of us aren’t planning to a marathon in this lifetime, so I figured I’d pen a few of my top tips for the casual jogger.

  1. Avoid the streets.  Run in a park, along the canals, on pedestrian avenues. Londoners are always in a big hurry going somewhere important and will not get out of the way of a jogger
  2. Fail to prepare?  Then prepare to fail. Eat right and get your immune system as prepped as possible.  The air quality in a city of 8 million coal-loving Brits isn’t going to do your respiratory system any favours
  3. “If it isn’t Neon it shouldn’t be on.” The brighter the better! Beyond my personal preference for bright running gear, more people will see you coming and get out of your way and (if they’re not a taxi or lorry) maybe actually stop to let you pass. 
  4. You deserve a reward! To be honest I didn’t start running because of a passion to be exhausted outside, I did it to counterbalance the pies and pints that are a mandatory part of the British diet.  I love going for a run because it means I can have that extra half full pint and a steak and Guiness pie later.
  5. It’s not always a marathon.  It’s really easy to be intimidated by the other runners out there who always seem to be sweatier and going faster and further than you! Relax, enjoy your run and focus on the goals you set out for yourself on each run. 
  6. Camels are best. Obviously you need to hydrate to run. I have found that for the shorter distance jog you don’t need to carry around a waterbottle and hydration belt.  Just make sure you get your 8 glasses a day before you run and even on days off.  A constantly hydrated body will respond much better than one that gets shots of water while running.
  7. Race. Enter a race. I signed up for my first 10k in Greenwich 6 weeks before the race.  Trust me, it gave me extra motivation to get out there each day and run so I wouldn’t come in last! Plus it’s a chance to run a different route, with different people and mix things up a bit in general.  (Plus you usually get a medal and some delicious treats after.

Enjoy your run!


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