Fantasy Football

I’ve never been in a fantasy sports league.  But declining the invitation to participate in the Office Fantasy Football league would be social suicide.  

Mondays are spent complaining about how bad your players were and contemplating using your free transfer week to revamp the team

Tuesday through Thursdays are for research on injuries and scouting reports and learning as much as you can about where these teams actually are (West Brom? Huh?).

Friday is transfer day. Dump a few mediocre defenders to clear some millions to buy that striker who has been hyped up all week, or put all your cash in for a midfielder you have a feeling about.

Saturday, you sit back and enjoy (and stress out).  

Introducing this week’s Kanadian Kickers

Considering David Junior Hoilett is the only halfway decent Canadian playing in the EPL at the moment (Owen Hargraves where are you!!), I had to fill the team with some other honorary Canadians. These include Americans, Fulham FC players (because I go to a few games with Alex), and cute players who have a few points to their name recently.  A friend at work chooses players based on their ability to grow a beard, another players who have first names as last names (Charlie Adam what’s up?!).

Anyway it’s week 2 and I’m not last, so things are looking up. 


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