YES, the Canucks are playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

YES, I remember sitting with my Dad in 1994 watching the finals and then playing our Blades of Steel video game after.

But thanks to the games being at 1am GMT that leaves lots of daylight hours to indulge in other sports.  Like Polo.

MINT Polo in the Park is like the Rugby 7s.  A faster, more fun game in a tournament format.

AND there is everything you could ask for in the Hurlingham Polo grounds.

Harrods Food Court.

Mahiki. (No Royals drinking pineapple drinks sightings)

It was like a posh Cloverdale Rodeo. Really posh. The beer garden had chandeliers.

Oh and they invite the spectators onto the playing field to replace the divots during half-time. The best.


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